What We Do


Camping and hiking seem to be what scouting is known for, and we certainly do both of those things, but also so much more. All of our activities center around opportunities to build character, improve physical fitness, teach practical skills, and develop a spirit of community service.  Some of the things that we are planning for the upcoming year are:

  • Fall and Spring campouts, where scouts increasingly become more self sufficient
  • Guided nature hikes to learn about, appreciate and how to conserve our natural resources
  • Making a model wooden race car for our Pinewood Derby, where scouts learn about hand tool safety, craftsmanship and good sportsmanship
  • Showing respect to our country by visiting one of the many historic locations/monuments
  • Building and launching model rockets and other STEM activities
  • Fire building and safety skills, including a visit to the fire station
  • Planting native plants in our parks to help support native wildlife
  • Raking leaves in the fall for community members who need assistance
  • Collecting food during our annual “Scouting for Food” service project in collaboration with the Boy Scout Troop 1533

Group activities are scheduled so that scouts can earn most of the requirements for rank advancement as a group, but many activities can also be accomplished at home.  There are typically about 4-5 activities scheduled every month, but attending all meetings is optional, not required for earning the next rank.  Attending den and pack activities is encouraged simply because the scouts have more fun in a group and this assures that the scouts will earn the rank advancement (Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Webelos and Arrow of Light).

Den Meetings

The pack consists of dens from each grade, K thru 5.  Dens are small groups of scouts (either all boy or all girl dens), all in the same grade that meet 1-2 times per month at a time that is mutually convenient, usually on a Thursday night at the JCC, Mantua Elementary, den leader homes, or the Elks Lodge.  Occasionally there are weekend den events were a small group of scouts meet for typically a more age-tailored activity.

Pack Meetings

The whole pack (all dens) meets once a month usually on a Thursday night at Mantua Elementary.

Pack Events

The whole pack meets for special events like the Pinewood Derby, overnight camping, Blue and Gold Banquet, picnics, and service projects at Mantua Elementary, Mantua Swim & Tennis Club, the Elks Lodge, parks, nature centers, and camping sites (usually about 20-90 miles from Mantua neighborhood). There are usually 1-2 events per month.